Saturday, September 10, 2011

New School Year!!

Well I lost touch again with you all and I hate to say it but I'm sure my posts will be far and few between this fall.

Its been a busy start to school. Cody is entered 6th grade this fall and at this point seems to be liking it. Payten is in full time daycare and has her first homework assignment this weekend. So the two of us will be doing an "All About Me" poster tomorrow.

I'm doing 8 credits at MSU this fall so that I will be lined up to student this spring. But even more exciting I was offered a full time position and I took it with Sibley East Elementary. So a few weeks ago I started setting up two classrooms one in Gaylord and the other in Arlington. I'm a special education teacher teaching children with autism.

So you now see why I stated that our post could be far and few between. We are super busy for the next 13 weeks.

Talk to you all soon -----

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